The School Toppers

If you have followed the lives of the children in our care in Bihar, you will know that several years ago we adopted over 70 children into our home in Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh.

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They were from India’s poorest state Bihar, uneducated, many suffering malnutrition and had very little hope for their futures. Then, for two and a half years they were loved and cared for in our school and children’s home in Gannavaram until the Indian Government insisted, they be returned due to their low caste status. 

Amazingly we were able to establish a new home for them and they are now getting an even better education at The Emmanuelle Christian school in Kishangnj, Bihar.

If you have been a supporter of this work we wanted to let you know some great news: This week we received an e-mail from the Headmaster saying that these children, who come from the most impoverished backgrounds had achieved outstanding results at the school.

In fact they were in his words, ‘the school toppers’.


We are a Christian organisation through and through, but due to opposition from the Indian Government - under their Hindu agenda - it is wise to keep a low profile. Many similar organisations have been banned from working in India and we are keen to see we do not become another.

Still, this story of good news reminds me of the words of Joseph to his brothers in Genesis 50 v 20. ‘You intended to harm mebut God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.’

To transform the life of a child in our care costs only £20 a month. And if you are a tax payer, through gift aid we can receive an extra 25% towards our costs. With no paid staff in the UIK and very low overheads indeed, almost every penny of your money goes directly to support our work in India. If you want to join us simply visit and click the donate button.

Thank you.