Uttah Pradesh

Our first school built in 1993 in Uttar Pradesh now has 450 children attending with over 95% going onto further education at college or university and all receive an outstanding Christian education. The church, on the same 8 acre site remains the only evangelical Christian witness to 1 million people. We recently opened our new laboratories which will allow us to get recognition from the Government in Delhi and enhance the University placements available to our children. (see picture of our laboratory in the gallery)


Life Association opened its school in a slum village in the coastal town of Machilipatnam in 2010 . The village suffered from cases of leprosy and poverty on an extreme level. The children were employed as rat pickers at the local station or rag pickers earning a few rupees a day with none of them receiving an education. Our school currently provides not only an education for 125 Dalit children but also food and healthcare. In November 2014 10 riders took part in the Cross India Cycle Challenge which raised £41,670 enabling us to build a second floor to this school so that 100 more children from the village can receive an education. Find out more about our Cycle Challenge here.

Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh

Our project in Gannavaram opened in 1997 and now provides a home, food, education and all the health care needs for 80 children from some of the poorest backgrounds. 
We run regular trips to our children’s home here in beautiful rural India and are always looking for volunteers who share our love of children and are willing to get involved.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

In 2013 Life Association took on board a school in Madurai for special needs and disabled children. This is now flourishing and provides a loving home and education for these precious children.

During the menstrual cycle Dalit women suffer the indignity of being considered untouchable by, not just the higher castes, but even their own caste. At this time they are considered unclean and unfit to prepare food, enter temples or even attend weddings. This is made worse as poverty leaves millions of women to resort to unclean cloths and other unsterile materials.

We have recently set up a small production unit that will provide affordable, clean and hygienic towels of acommercial standard and also employment for some of the young adults in our special needs programme.


Since 2002 in Mumbai, where our Dalit Candle business is also based, we have a boys homes for street children who are adopted for life. Over many years we have seen them rescued from a life of misery to become married with good jobs and a strong faith. All our Dalit Goods are named after the children from our projects, some of them in the picture to the left including Ajay, Vishal, Murgan and many more. 


Bloom is a community empowerment project based in two villages in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. Bloom sponsors a tuition project for children living in significant poverty which provides educational and nutritional support. To support a child at this centre costs £6 per month - please specify Bloom when setting up your regular donation and indicate if you would like to receive letters/updates from/about the child.

We are also launching a small project to support abandoned elderly people via communal meals - see 'sponsor an elder' tab.